here are some of my favorite photos and insights from my current stint in copenhagen, denmark. i've been doing a fair share of exploring, mostly by bike, and will be traveling more outside of denmark as well. so keep posted as i will try to keep up as best i can. you'll have to excuse the photo quality in most cases -- i've been using my old digital camera with a broken zoom. regardless, click on the photos to blow them up. and enjoy!

01 February 2009

zollverein masterplan model

here are some photos of the model i made with a group for my first architecture assignment in denmark. they threw us into the project, giving us very little info or guidance, and less than a week to complete it. it was a lot of work for the first week but it turned out well.

as you can see it's a pretty abstract model. it shows our interpretation of the office of metropolitan architecture's (OMA) masterplan layout (see photo) for what was once europe's largest mine, zeche zollverein. ground was broken back in the 1850s and it employed more than 10,000 people prior at its peak, prior to its closing in 1986. it's located in essen, germany, and is a very interesting site which i'm excited to be visiting later on in the spring. the site is being revitalized and many of the building renovated with the idea of creating a regional hotspot for business, art and design. given the size and complexity of the site, it's pretty hard to describe in words, especially considering i haven't been there yet. if you want, check out this link for some videos.

the model is broken down into into three sections and attempts to illustrate the progression of development on the site. the base is a google earth satellite photo that shows an aerial view of the site.

the bottom plexy glass layer is split into 3 sections, each a different color collage of old photos from the mine. the blue is the location of the coking/refining area, the green is where shafts 1, 2 and 8 were, and the red is the site of the biggest shaft, 12, which remains a modern landmark for the entire ruhr valley region.

the top layer was designed from the OMA layout we were given. the layout is confusing in itself, but was simply used as a guideline for our model given our lack of knowledge for the massive site. the green boxes represent the greenery/landscaping, and are the lowest due to their relative insignificance for the masterplan. the red shows the business-related areas, which were still kind of fuzzy on. if you look at the OMA masterplan photo above you'll see that the red in the bottom left is made of a bunch of odd shapes. after researching, we still didn't know what exactly was there or planned for there. the orange is the most noteworthy, and shows the "attractors" for zollverein. for the new additions, they include cafes, a ferris wheel, a pool, skating rink, and a bunch of other commercial crap. of more interest to me were the new buildings: the ruhr museum and the new design build school. this was cool because 2 of the other architecture groups modeled them. as far as the layout of the site goes, these 2 buildings and the visitor center are centered around the epic shaft 12 (photos below). finally, the blue string shows the flow through the complex. this includes skywalks and the old train tracks which are now paved, pedestrian paths designed to funnel you to the attractions.

before and after photos of shaft 12:

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