here are some of my favorite photos and insights from my current stint in copenhagen, denmark. i've been doing a fair share of exploring, mostly by bike, and will be traveling more outside of denmark as well. so keep posted as i will try to keep up as best i can. you'll have to excuse the photo quality in most cases -- i've been using my old digital camera with a broken zoom. regardless, click on the photos to blow them up. and enjoy!

22 February 2009

western denmark architectural study tour

it's been well over a month now since i traveled to western denmark for my architecture study trip. i'm leaving tomorrow for my second, to germany and the netherlands, so i figured it was time to post these photos.

jyllinge new church -- up until recently was the largest fiberglass building in the world.

a gang of cormarands hanging out on the point (taken from the ferry)

Århus RÅdhus (the famous town hall)

hog fountain outside entrance

the large room for functions complete with wooden floors, nice daylighting, radiant heating in the catwalks, technical wooden acoustic paneling, and old fashioned brass ash trays on the walls

Århus art museum

this guy was quite the eye-catcher.

fur wall

downtown Århus -- there terraced seating areas and small foot bridges were scattered along the canal.

the utzon center (named after famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon)

really cool light show on display inside

DIS intern jon mayfield enjoying the exhibit.

this guy gave us a fantastic tour of the center. here he was speaking about the sydney opera house. he's a total expert on utzon.

original utzon sketch from the design stages of the opera house. the concept was to basically use the cut up sections of an orange.

waterside park by the center.

my friend abe an i took a walk to kill some time.

we came across this field.

and then this amazing complex with this old manor and surrounding buildings and stables. it seemed completely deserted with the only signs of life a line of single footprints, and then some of a curious dog.

abe with his really nice camera. check out some of his photos from the trip.

one of the buildings was filled with RVs. it was eerie, but very cool.

this lader, handmade and not too sturdy, took us up to the rafters of the RV house. i doubt anyone had been up there for years.

this dali broceur was among the other random old stuff found in these boxes.

Koldinghus -- the old castle, located in kolding, was wiped out by a fire in 1808 and renovated to it's current mixed material state in 1991

they tried hard to create a balance between the old an new. he's a hole in the wall from the fire, and the new wooden columns and metal catwalks behind.

the kolding library

there glass and metal sculptures rotate according to the weather outside. hard to describe but trust me that they were awesome.

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