here are some of my favorite photos and insights from my current stint in copenhagen, denmark. i've been doing a fair share of exploring, mostly by bike, and will be traveling more outside of denmark as well. so keep posted as i will try to keep up as best i can. you'll have to excuse the photo quality in most cases -- i've been using my old digital camera with a broken zoom. regardless, click on the photos to blow them up. and enjoy!

22 February 2009

frederiksberg park

in celebration of the danish holiday fastelavn, i took to the city with my friends billy and tom to see what we could find. we walked around downtown for a bit before busing out to the zoo to try out luck there. it was closed, but we stumbled upon a beautiful and expansive park right next door. it was full of sledding children, ducks, walking paths, and over 300 years of history according to wikipedia. for the record, the sledding was bar none the best i've ever seen.

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Foster Huntington said...

cool photos brew, i like the goose