here are some of my favorite photos and insights from my current stint in copenhagen, denmark. i've been doing a fair share of exploring, mostly by bike, and will be traveling more outside of denmark as well. so keep posted as i will try to keep up as best i can. you'll have to excuse the photo quality in most cases -- i've been using my old digital camera with a broken zoom. regardless, click on the photos to blow them up. and enjoy!

02 February 2009

the little mermaid

i took a bike ride out to see the little mermaid. apparently it's a big attraction, but isn't all that impressive. it was the cold (see the ice on the rocks?), windy, and cloudy but i still thought she was worth the trip. what i thought was especially cool was the background behind her. from left to right you can see 2 smoke stacks, a series of massive wind turbines, and then 3 more smoke stacks.

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