here are some of my favorite photos and insights from my current stint in copenhagen, denmark. i've been doing a fair share of exploring, mostly by bike, and will be traveling more outside of denmark as well. so keep posted as i will try to keep up as best i can. you'll have to excuse the photo quality in most cases -- i've been using my old digital camera with a broken zoom. regardless, click on the photos to blow them up. and enjoy!

01 March 2009


morgenstedet is considered by many to be copenhagen's best all around vegetarian/organic restaurant. i'd been reassured of this by numerous people, but didn't find out for myself until today. when i found it in a small building in the back of christiania, i wasn't disappointed. the workers were friendly, the customers were noticeably happy, the food was cheap and delicious, and the overall atmosphere was very pleasant. i think it's safe to say that i'll be going back.

this guy added some nice vocals and acoustic guitar

my curried vegatables with rice

the dish area, complete with compost bin (bottom right)

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Ashley said...

I want some delicious curried vegetables =-(

I miss that place... one of my favorites in the city